Garden Eatery 38

Garden Eatery 38 – • Spaghetti Spicy Aglio Olio Tuna, hmm, as the name suggests, it’s spicy, it’s definitely spicy, but it’s not really spicy salty, but the tuna is a bit too bad.

• Foodpall dory is a sweet and sour sauce, so you can ask for the dory pieces to be big and the eggs ready.

Garden Eatery 38

• Vietnamese noodles, the taste is very, very ordinary, no taste at all, it is better to buy something

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• Animal Style Fries, I don’t know why they call it animal style (?) I think the fries are usually served with cheese sauce, and out of all the food menus I’ve ordered, the fries menu is my favorite. is

Internally, everything is good, there is no difference between inside and outside. Choose to cool the house by the air conditioner, but the air conditioner is really useless as a fan, even if the condition of the room is not too crowded, it is hot.

For a meal costing around 40, the taste is just bland, so it’s not worth it. Order the pasta, it’s just cream, no seasoning, no salt/pepper added. For green tea latte lovers, I think I won’t order from here because the taste is too sweet, the sugar is really good☹️ No taste of green tea.

If you want a great, great meal, you go to a famous restaurant, and rightly so. Especially in terms of taste, it’s really not worth it.

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Sorry, but this is an honest review. Please correct as other reviews have almost the same problem. Garden Eatery 38 Pasar Lama Tangerang ~ Pasar Lama Tangerang area is very interesting. Tangerang people have certainly been there, haven’t they? Is there anything else? The Old Market area is one of the culinary gathering places in Tangerang. From legend to present, it boils there. I myself have known the old bazaar since childhood. Mom often takes me to the old market and eats delicious soto noodles. Anyway the old market is one of my childhood memories. Ok, but this time I will tell you about a very cozy and kid-friendly restaurant with a beautiful interior. Photo spot? There is no doubt about it. There are many photo spots in this restaurant.

Unfortunately, I didn’t come to see the food, yes, I came to attend my brother’s class Halal Bihal invitation. Haha So just look at the place, wankawan.

Good When I was told about Garden Eatery 38, I wasn’t surprised because I saw a friend on IG who helped decorate this restaurant. The result is very satisfying. Air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned rooms are available. For non-AC rooms, children can play. They chose synthetic grass for the floor. A touch of green refreshes the eyes. I recommend coming here in the evening, for example with children. Because it is very hot in this area during the day.

As you can see, there are many bean bags that you can sit on and they are very comfortable. Children can run here safely and comfortably. This place is very spacious. The roof of this area is transparent, lets in light, and is bright, so you can imagine how hot it gets from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM. Haha Keep in mind that there are a lot of photos in this area, as there are also great photo spots, lots of light and space. For events with lots of people, it’s really fun to get everyone in the frame.

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At first I thought Garden Eatery 38 was only on the Sissaden River, but it turns out you can approach it from the right side. Really, the front door doesn’t look too big, huh?

I googled and they have 2 entrances. Some for parking, some for motorcycles. About the taste of the food eaten yesterday as a buffet. Soto Betawi lacks spice in taste, imho. But everything else is delicious.

I asked my mother-in-law to draw a picture with this background. There is a side for small children, but families can also have space in the air-conditioned area.

At this time, Kaina took a picture with her teacher and friends. Isn’t this angle great, viewers? The background is green and the writing is with lights. Unfortunately, there are poles, so you can’t take pictures of all the people. Hihiiii.

Garden Eatery 38

The atmosphere here is actually a garden area, and children even sit on swings while playing. Feel at home. Kaina and I spent 150,000 rupees on yesterday’s event. It can be reserved for events like family gatherings or school friends. (He likes to sell me) 😅.

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