Garden Eatery Bali

Garden Eatery Bali – Bali is often referred to as the “Island of the Gods,” and while the gods are eternal and unchanging, Bali has seen a lot of change and growth in recent years.

With an amalgamation of beach beauty, boutique shopping, luxury resorts, fine dining restaurants and upscale bars and clubs, Seminyak is the first and last stop for a great Bali vacation.

Garden Eatery Bali

Bali is often referred to as the “Island of the Gods,” and while the gods are eternal and unchanging, Bali has seen a lot of change and growth in recent years. There’s nothing better than tree-lined Seminyak, a quality-focused alternative to the bustling city of Kuta. With its mix of beachfront beauty, boutique shopping, luxury resorts, fine dining, and upscale bars and clubs, it’s no surprise that Seminyak becomes your first and last stop for a great Bali vacation.

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Stay at the W Bali Seminyak to be the center of the hottest spot in Seminyak. With the hotel motto ‘a place to live’, the fairytale consists of 229 rooms, suites and villas, all designed with an elegant and innovative touch, offering stunning sea or garden views. Built around a lagoon pool on one of the longest stretches of the Seminyak coast, with an emphasis on natural forests and gray volcanic rock, this five-story hotel offers lunch and dining options to choose from; between various world-class restaurants before socializing for the night away at Woo bar, where the party starts pumping after 10pm. We recommend Starfish Bloo, which is primarily a seafood restaurant with a variety of fresh fish and the catch of the day, from Lompoc scallops to lobster and blue crab. The beautiful view of the beach, the sound of the waves and the distinctive design elements of W Retreat Bali make this a wonderful visit. Prime location within walking distance of many of the island’s best new restaurants and bars.

Recently renovated, Mama San Restaurant is a foodie’s dream on the Seminyak scene. This two-story, loft-style venue with diner seating downstairs and cocktail lounge upstairs attracts a lot of good-natured foreigners who love to dine in style. Star Chef Will Merrick—the brains behind legendary Sarong Restaurant, also located in Seminyak—has created a modern, eclectic Asian cuisine that combines Southeast Asian-inspired dishes with gourmet art and classic touches. Try the crispy salmon with green mango, the red duck curry with lychee, or the variety of dim sum dumplings. The upstairs cocktail lounge offers a creative menu of elegant appetizers and drinks including fruit martinis and a selection of margaritas. Meanwhile, the newly reworked interior is a feast for the eyes. High ceilings, dark wood and brick walls, and classic touches combined with Balinese décor, artwork, and photography make Mama San an unforgettable dining experience. Always leave room for Merrick’s famous desserts like crispy pavlova or fried ice cream.

Opened in December 2016, Opium is Seminyak’s newest nightclub located on Jalan Camplung Tanduk near Pelataran. Opium caters to a mixed crowd with a capacity of about 400 people. Lit by gorgeous glowing panels and featuring world-class DJs, Opium will open after 10pm with an underground ambience and impressive interior design that includes colorful neon columns with dancers and acrobatic acts from the ceiling, a private lounge area and one large club center. A mysterious screen where silhouettes perform dance moves.

The next clubbing destination is Jenja, a new addition to the Bali nightlife scene that offers extensive evening entertainment with restaurants, bars and clubs on two levels. Set in the TS Suites arcade on Jalan Nakula, Seminyak, Jinja reaches critical mass in the middle of the night with Jakarta-style intensity. The restaurant opens at 6pm and serves a menu inspired by exotic Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine prepared by Top Chef Middle East 2012 winner, the elegant Selma AbuAlia. The night club is open from 9 pm Wednesday to Friday. The club is run by Michael Vanecki, son of expat nightlife mogul Daniel Vanecki who opened the famous The Living Room restaurant in Seminyak in 2000. Jenja has a spacious lobby with six lounge areas, an active dance floor, VIP sofas, and a stunning aesthetic décor with walls consisting of flower pattern mosaic tile water jet marble mosaic tile for wall decoration. But the real attraction is the clubbers themselves, a young mix of Indonesian expats and socialites who never want the night to end. drug addiction; Try the excellent breakfast at Seminyak Kitchen at the Courtyard by Marriott. Close to Double Six Beach is a very trendy area with mornings being the perfect time to visit if you like quiet and fewer people.

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Seminyak Village is home to a new restaurant called Tiger Palm. The uproar is understandable given that this is the seventh restaurant in Asia opened by Will Merrick, the irreverent culinary genius behind Mama San. Tiger Palm is building on its reputation serving contemporary Indonesian, Malay, Thai and Indian cuisine carefully prepared by the owner. Try the Indonesian rojak salad, Siamese prawn curry, and the typical Malay tiu chow duck rice, and your culinary adventure will come a long way. Tiger Palm makes a great lunch stop, combining the convenience of a street market and mall, and the opportunity to experience the robust and varied flavors of rural Southeast Asia in one place.

When approaching the Potato Head Beach Club, it makes a stunning first impression with a coliseum-like front façade made of antique stained-glass windows and salvaged metal grilles. The circular path to the bar is a boutique arcade with curated shops and quirky artwork. Arriving at the beach club itself, one feels as if they are at a luxury seaside resort with an infinity pool, daybeds, poolside bar, beachfront views and fine dining, but without having to check out the list of inventive cocktails, all created and named. At home, they each bring their own designer page. If you want something stronger, try the Barong Zombie, a heavy rum blend with Curaçao orange, cherry liqueur, and a splash of absinthe and passion fruit—it’ll relax you in a matter of minutes.

Kaum was launched in October 2016 near Potato Head and part of the Potato Head Family, Kaum serves authentic Indonesian cuisine made by chefs from different parts of the country, collecting recipes from different tribes. This small and cozy restaurant serves the best Indonesian food in town. The focus at Kaum is on authenticity by adhering to authentic ingredients and cooking methods. One of the most important samples is the Sambal range, which offers four of the best types of sambal – spicy Indonesian spices that accompany many dishes. If you’re afraid to go too far, try the semi-crispy fried duck which tastes succulent and tender like duck confit. Authentic highlights such as fried pigeon, roast pork, clear chicken, saffron forest mushroom soup and Bangka Island can tempt you to be authentic. com

Republic 45 is a virtual nursery of greenery with huge high ceilings, soft lighting coming from lush chandeliers, and soft music. The place is taken from the year of Indonesia’s independence and prides itself on using local ingredients served ‘Indonesian way’. With a variety of fancy cocktails, cool music, and special events, Republic 45 is on our list of places to go back to, as well as a welcoming nightlife scene.

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While MÉTIS Lounge has been a restaurant and lounge for years, it has recently reinvented itself, transforming this chic outpost into one of Bali’s “secret” hotspots. Offering themed parties and DJ nights, Metis is a very chic place in Bali to relax in style. The oriental interior design of the famous Indonesian designer Artalenta and the beautiful garden attract many people who know the Seminyak scene and want to enjoy their secret hangouts. A new overhead sound system and range of local and international DJs make MÉTIS the go-to place for crème de la crème in Bali. The dress code is very nice, but the atmosphere is relaxed with lots of mingling on the dance floor once the party gets going.

Open since the end of last year, this French-Italian fine-dining restaurant located in Raya Kerobokan offers sumptuous dishes at reasonable prices and the attention to detail in the food is instantly recognizable. Daniele Salvia, an Italian chef with a passion for good taste and presentation, created all the recipes. La Boheme’s open plan kitchen on the first floor is Salvia’s studio, professionally furnished and immaculately maintained. Owner Michele Amorotti, a famous fashion designer and artist, has transformed the second-floor dining area into a visual treat. The decor combines classic charm with kitsch. Large portraits of ’80s pop icons illuminate the walls, while custom furnishings and thoughtfully arranged lighting create an intimate setting.

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