Garden Endless Pillars Genshin

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The Garden of Endless Pillars estate is located in the mysterious desert featured in Genshin Impact version 3.1, offering great rewards to those who discover the secret to opening its doors.

Garden Endless Pillars Genshin

Domains in Genshin Impact are a great way to get your hands on Primogems, upgrade materials, and more. On the other hand, some areas become accessible only after solving a certain puzzle.

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With the Garden of Endless Pillars estate, it is. So, to help you out, we’ve prepared this guide that shows the location of the Garden of Endless Pillars estate, the solution to the puzzle, and the rewards it offers.

Finding an endless pillar garden is pretty easy. Going west from Aaru Village and entering the desert, you must head northwest.

When you reach the mausoleum of King Deshret, you can focus on heading north. You can take La Dune des Carouses as a good reference because the Garden of Endless Columns area is a bit west of it.

When you first get to the location, you won’t find the entrance to the domain. There are flaming flowers, pyrototems and a large stone. Now you have to find a way to get the gates out of the sand domain!

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In order to unlock the Garden of Endless Pillars realm, you will need to activate the pyro character totems in a certain order. In case you just want a hint of what to do, pay attention to the flaming flowers around the place.

However, if you’re really looking for a quick fix, we’ve got you covered. First, the order is determined by the number of flowers near each totem. There are five totems in total, but only four of them have flowers.

So when you activate them, you must first count the totem without flowers and then count the totems from one to five.

Garden Of Endless Pillars Genshin Impact

Follow the image below to see the exact order you need to activate them. Take the large stone as a reference while facing north to check the sequence.

As is the case with many areas in Genshin Impact, you only get rewards from the Garden of Endless Pillars the first time you complete it. The Garden of Endless Pillars is a unique new completion area added by the Genshin Impact 3.1 update, a huge new desert region west of Sumeru, a continuation of Archon’s story, new characters and weapons to collect, and several new areas to conquer.

Domains are a great way to test your mettle and earn valuable rewards in Genshin Impact, including the Primogems needed to grant wishes. However, many areas require you to solve a puzzle to enter. Garden of Endless Pillars is no different in this regard, tasking players with solving the Pyro Elemental Monument puzzle before entering the trial.

The Garden of Endless Pillars is located west of the new Sumeru desert region, near Carouse Dune. This area is easily accessible from the teleport point to the southwest or the Statue of Seven to the east. You’ll know you’ve found the right place when you come across a small ruin full of gorgeous flower stamens and the new Redcrest Ascension material.

Unlocking The Garden Of Endless Pillars (domain)

Garden of Endless Pillars requires players to solve a short and deceptively difficult puzzle of elemental monuments to reach it. Elemental Monument asks players to activate a series of stone pillars using a specific element, in this case Pyro, using Pyro element characters.

For the Garden of Endless Pillars estate puzzle, there are five elemental monuments that need to be activated. However, they cannot be activated in any order. Although there is no time limit, the elemental monuments must be activated in a certain order in order to solve the puzzle.

This is the tricky part if you don’t know the specific order and rules at play in this puzzle.

You may notice Flaming Flower Stamen plants, protected by a strange blue barrier, near each of the elemental monuments. These are clues to the correct order of activating the pillars. Each monument has a different number of brilliant flower stamens next to it, indicating their order in a row. To make matters even more confusing, there is a monument without a matching bright flower stamen, submerged in water where the monument is the first in the series.

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To solve the Garden of Endless Pillars puzzle, start by lighting an elemental monument without a matching flaming stamen, as it is effectively the “0” in the sequence. Then light the monument with a single flower, continuing to light monuments until the fifth and final monument has four matching glowing flower stamens.

If you get the command wrong, the puzzle will simply reset so you can try again. Although there are issues with this domain not resetting correctly. If this happens, teleport to the statue of seven or a nearby teleport point and return to the estate puzzle area. The puzzle should reset correctly, without activating the monument from the previous attempt. There is no attempt limit, so don’t worry!

Once the puzzle is completed, a cutscene will trigger where the estate emerges from the ground. Then interact with the estate to unlock the Endless Pillar Garden and Desert Vivarium challenge.

The Desert Vivarium trial itself, available on the estate, is on the lighter end of the estate difficulty scale, burdening players with easy traversal and combat challenges.

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To begin the test, defeat the various mushrooms surrounding the large blue flower in the center of the arena. Once defeated, interact with the flower to create platforms to use the bouncing mushroom nearby. When you reach the upper platform, you’ll see another flower that offers a challenge to collect 14 Dendro Particles in 40 seconds. Activate nearby Crop Clusterleaves to spawn Four Leaf Seals which will help you collect Dendro Particles in a very convenient linear fashion.

The Garden of Endless Columns estate is a very interesting challenge for the time spent completing a short puzzle.

First, after completing the puzzle, a remarkable chest will appear at the foot of the stairs leading to the entrance. This will give the standard price of basic rewards, including a small amount of Mora and Adventure Experience, new Dendro Sigils to turn in at the Tree of Dreams, and two Primogems.

It should be noted, however, that the rewards awarded by the Garden of Endless Pillars estate are only awarded for the first achievement. Although the domain can be re-disputed at any time, you will no longer receive rewards.

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It is located in the northwestern corner of the Sumeru desert. Once there, you’ll notice a stone slab in the dunes, as well as several Pyro Totems nearby. The problem is that this location is surrounded by mirage walls, although crossing shouldn’t be a problem.

Either way, your goal is to light all five Pyro Totems in the correct order. To do this, you’ll want to consider the Pyro Flowers next to them.

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The far left one has no flowers at all, which means it’s the first one you need to mark. The last is a totem with four flowers next to it.

Anyway, you can see the correct sequence in the image below. If you do it right, the Garden of Endless Pillars estate at the address

It will rise from the earth. You can then interact with him to have another fast travel point in that particular corner of the map. You don’t have to actually complete the challenges if you don’t want to.

Don’t forget to check out other locations as well, such as the Red Desert Threshold, which can only be accessed via a mission

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