Garden Fairy

Garden Fairy – Hallmark photo stylist Andy N. is no stranger to Contemplation. Do. Share. In fact, he’s contributed to some of our funnest posts to date. Andy taught us how to make cheap flowers,

And we toured his beautiful home. Today, he’s helping us reveal all the tips and tricks for creating the perfect garden with the Hallmark Gardenfair. Read on!

Garden Fairy

Huh? What do you want me to do? You want me to write a blog about how to make a beautiful garden. HEY THIS IS A WORD FIGHT!!! Well, I guess I’m going a little off topic, but to be honest, I created a garden exhibit for Hallmark photos and

Sleeping Garden Fairy


O.K., I’m scared. I wasn’t upset that I was asked to write a good blog, but to tell everyone about fairy grammar. Wow, what a giant leap in such a short time.

When it comes to fae likes and dislikes, the list is REAL! I went to google, and lo and behold, there are rules! More and more rules! Fairies’ favorite colors are red and green, they love to wear hats (of course!), you won’t take food from them while they’re in the circle, the list goes on. Who knew they had so many rules? I don’t want to sound the alarm bells, but fairies really seem to require a lot of maintenance.

When creating your beautiful garden, be sure to think about scale. It is good to have a big tree as an example, but the things around the tree should be small like the fairy that lives there. In this case I use small hosta plants, mini evergreens and ferns to create a green and living environment for a beautiful garden. If you don’t want to put your small plants in the ground, you can put them in small containers and put them in the ground.

Conservation Corner: Fairy Gardens

How are the trees Oh! We hope they like trees. I don’t want to experience the wrath of the fairies. In this particular case, I’m thinking of a tree trunk as a place to store small treasures like monsters and gems. It also makes a great teaching tool if you are collecting these gems with a young child. What a fun way to learn!

I created the brake field from an old bicycle because I liked the idea of ​​the whole legendary structure being something that could be changed at a moment’s notice. Hey! Fairies like to change the decorations too! I like to compare this mobile elf to Elf on the Shelf™, except this elf annoys kids 365 days a year!! Creating a mobile garden adds to the creative reality of the fairy tale world.

Molded plants make great fairy houses and cute accessories. This picture shows the Hallmark legend sitting on a fairy chair surrounded by mission stones. What looks like a big old tree sitting underneath is actually a small tree trunk. The soil in the pot is planted with moss and succulents and small acorns.

Goodies are flying. I know this isn’t news to you, but it’s easy to overlook when planning your beautiful garden. Branches of trees are the perfect place to make a home for a fairy against its height. At this time, I put an old bird’s nest in a thick tree branch, put fake eggs in the nest, and put a chair on the edge of the nest. You can weave greenery or flowers into the nest, and fake bird nests are available at your local craft store. How fun it is to take your little one and climb them to see the beautiful tree garden!

City Of Providence Fairy Garden Days

This isn’t really a garden style rule, but I had to throw it in here because it’s INSANE!! . Today I did some research online to find out what fairy likes and dislikes are and one of the rules I discovered…

They LOVE MILK! Luck? I don’t think so. I’m scared to think about it now. Next to the flying fairy is a liter of milk and half a liter is used. I have goose feet.

Enjoy! Be stupid! Life is too short to be busy, strong and holy! Kids can play, but who says adults can’t? It’s not me! Hide a kick in a shoe, a sweater pocket, hang a coat, or create a mystery kingdom by placing a beautiful family in a medicine cabinet. What a great way to start or end the day with a visit to the world of the secret legends behind tooth brushing and hand hygiene. Let your imaginations run wild!

This last photo really shows the magic you can create at night by showing off your fairies and their fairytale world. I found an old jar, put a string of battery operated Christmas lights and nature objects in front of the jar and photographed the top and sides. White

Pretmanns Fairy Garden Fairies For Fairy Garden

When my mother died three years ago after years of Alzheimer’s disease, I went through her things and found a note she had written. The paper is neatly folded and placed on a small sheet of paper. The note was:

If people want to see a fairy, all they have to do is put four leaves in a hat and wear it.

I don’t know when my mom wrote it, and I don’t know if she brought it up or read it somewhere else, but I think it’s profound. The message for me and my brother is this: if we want to see magic in life – and yes, there is – then show that you believe.

We create, we write, we perform, we write, we play, we sing, we compose, and sometimes we sit down and make music. We are a dream brand for one of the country’s largest creative organizations. It can be easy to get overwhelmed with all the work that goes into maintaining a garden. You need to make sure your soil is ready and your plants are in the ground at the right time. Then there is planning, watering and fertilizing. However, if you have the right gardening tools, such as gardening gloves and garden boots, they can be very useful.

Plant Ideas For A Fairy Garden

And don’t forget that gardening can be fun! To add a little flair to your space, try a fairy tale theme. After all, what could be more amazing than a garden? Small tools, cars and houses displayed in the garden make it a little special and your kids will love it. You can even hire them to help you create the perfect environment for the different fairies you visit. But don’t worry – if you’re not ready to DIY, there are plenty of great things available through Amazon and Etsy. Creating small vignettes in the garden is a fun activity, and both adults and children will enjoy stumbling upon these “secret” pictures. Check out some of these fun ideas to make your garden beautiful.

Add a beautiful stream to your beautiful garden. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your needs.

These 13 pieces include everything you need to start a garden, including a beautiful house, benches, steps, bridges and beads. Plus, it glows in the dark!

Those fields cannot be edited. Raise your fairy with this beautiful tractor. Plant succulents in the trailer to make it more attractive.

Bangbangda Miniature Fairy Garden Accessories Outdoor

This small dog house is all stretchy. The weather changed, the dog bowl and the bones added to the charm. Change the name to any name (up to 12 characters).

Enter the Farmers Market! This stand has a fall theme with pumpkins, apples and cider.

Fairies and other small creatures will enjoy this beautiful camp. We love the retro style and the little “Welcome” sign.

Believe it or not, it took this blogger 15 minutes to make this cabin. Is it even good? Everything from the dollar store!

Styling Tips And Tricks For Creating A Magical Fairy Garden

Fill three different flower pots with decorative stones and small trees to create a beautiful garden.

It doesn’t take much more than a little fence and a couple of birds to turn a simple flower pot into the garden of your dreams.

When this blogger noticed that one of her planter boxes wasn’t getting enough sunlight, she changed the beauty.

If not

Outdoor Fairy Garden Go Wild!

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