Garden Decor

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XL Tree of Life II (outdoor version) 46″ x 46″ – Made to order in the USA – Exclusive to Arte & Metalo

Garden Decor

As part of our outdoor collection, this hallowed design is laser cut from 1/8″ thick marine grade 316 aluminum. Aluminum provides superior corrosion resistance. Making it the ideal choice for coastal locations or harsh winters.

Fuji Pagoda Garden Ornament

The metallic silver color is expertly sandblasted to create a brushed metal finish that is both refined and sophisticated. For additional protection, a clear coat or color can be requested (additional cost).

Hanging or mounting requires only a few simple steps and usually does not require wall grids. For hanging, small mounting holes are laser cut in the trim for screws and wall anchors. The included wall dividers allow the artwork to project 1/2″ from the wall and cast a unique cast shadow.

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Dieser Artikel kann leider nicht nach Deutschland verschickt werden. Contact the Shop to inform you about the available shipping options.

Zengggp Large Dress Fairy Garden Decor Pot Planter Garden Decoration Micro Landscape Statue Succulent Flower Pot Balcony Simple Style

We welcome custom sizes and in our standard sizes we can generally go up to 46 x 46″ without paying a large package surcharge. Sizes larger than 48″ generally must be shipped freight.

Your artwork will be laser cut from a solid sheet of high quality stainless steel that is both strong and lightweight. Making it a great choice for indoor and outdoor wall sculptures.

Please note that all of our pieces are hand finished, which makes the finish of each piece unique.

For painting we use a process called powder coating, which is very durable and UV resistant. carrying The powder coating is applied electrostatically and then cured with heat to allow it to flow and form.

Pagode Lantern Garden Statue Indoor/outdoor Zen Asian Decor

In addition, unlike spray paint, powder coating contains no solvents and is virtually VOC-free. As a result, it does not emit any odor.

We use a stud mounting technique that we adopted from the sign industry. It allows the artwork to appear to float 1/2″ off the wall and creates a drop for a 3D effect.

Our panel-style designs will have small laser-cut holes and can be flush-mounted or projected onto the wall with our included 1/2″ spacers.

All of our metal artwork comes with our stud mount, which we adopted from the sign industry. It does not reveal any hanging hardware or screws.

Acsergery Blumentopf »kreativer Blumentopf Mini Fairy Garden Flower Plant Diy Indoor Outdoor Decor Cafe 7 X 15,5 Cm Braun«

With our included 1/2″ spacers, our stud mount also allows the artwork to project onto your wall and create a 3D effect.

Part of this effect is a drop shadow that helps the artwork make a unique statement with proper room lighting.

We can ship internationally. However, our flat rate shipping rates only apply to domestic orders in the continental US. International orders (including Hawaii) may receive shipping quotes upon request.

We ordered a 46″ powder coated tree of life. It’s beautiful! We hung it in the hall of our church. Everyone loves it! Thanks Mike for getting it to us on time! You were open and responsive and kept me updated. I appreciate it that! The only thing we struggled with was hanging it. There were no supports on it holding it 1/2″ from the wall like in the description, but that could be because we ordered one of the larger sizes offered. Tip: Edit the estimated delivery time in the automated emails. It is better if the item is delivered early rather than after the stated time. Our estimated delivery was Aug 28-Sept 1 (but give it an extra week for powder coating according to the description), it was delivered on 9/10.

Best Ideas For Garden Decor To Inspire You

We bought this piece and modeled it after others who have built a wooden structure. It is beautiful. I only gave 2 stars for customer service because they didn’t contact me when I asked when it would ship. I knew it would take months, but when it arrived around the time I thought it would, I reached three times the ship date and got a canned response in response. Then, suddenly, the package appeared. We are happy with the part, but due to the price of the product and shipping, sending a tracking number beforehand would be helpful.

The Tree of Life will be a great addition to my garden. It is exactly what I expected. Just assemble it and put it in the yard when the weather warms up.

The Tree of Life is quality designed and manufactured. It matched more than the description, it exceeded our expectations. Once installed in the new exterior design, photos will follow.

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Ml Renovo Garden Decor Farblasur Berry Blue

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Indoor Garden Decor Tips

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Garden Decor Outdoor Statues, Metal Peacock Decor For Outside, Garden Art Sculptures Standing For Patio Yard Lawn Home Decorations, Set Of 2

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Casa Padrino Baroque Garden Decoration Sculpture Lion Gray 28 X 45 X H. 72 Cm

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Having a garden is just the first step to creating a beautiful yard. Once you have decided on the layout and the plants you want to grow, you need to add the final decorative elements. Think of these touches as the backyard equivalent of hanging pictures on the wall or placing decorative pieces and candles on a table.

Decorating your garden means giving it character and individuality. Some garden decoration ideas are beautiful, some artistic, and some elegant and modern. What you choose for your garden will depend on your personality and what you want your garden to say about you and your home.

Ladybug Or Bee Garden Decor

Your garden decoration doesn’t have to be just pretty. It can also have a functional purpose. If you have an outdoor fire pit in your backyard, why not turn your log into something decorative? You could choose

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