Garden Fence

Garden Fence – I’ve spent a lot of time outside the last few weeks getting my yard in shape. I sowed, planted a vegetable garden, kept bees. The chicken farm got an inspection, and here are the linchpin forts, and here are the paint colors. But last week I spent most of my time building a small garden fence to keep the rabbits away from the raised beds. I also wanted a small extension of the fence to keep the puppy away from the bees. Today, the only finishing detail on the garden fence is cutting the fence posts and adding decorative gates.

I’ve never fenced before, but with a little research and muscle I think it worked out well. He had to meet several criteria.

Garden Fence

Determine the style of the fence plan. Take measurements. Decide on the position of your door and in which direction it should face. Decide how deep and how long you want to keep your posts. Also decide what type of wood you will use. In the garden, it is better to focus on processed wood.

Of The Best Garden Fence Ideas

Working from one side, drive the first and last posts into the ground with a hole punch. Make sure they are adjacent.

Once the posts are level, tie string between these two end posts to create a straight line for the fence posts on the other side of the fence. Typically, fence posts are spaced 6-8 feet apart. Distribute the posts evenly.

Use deck screws to attach the rails to the top and bottom of the fence posts. Make sure they are level. Repeat the above steps on the other side of the fence.

Finally, with heavy stock, stretch garden wire or chicken wire from the top bar to the ground to keep critters out.

How To Build A Diy Garden Fence

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