Garden Di Singapore

Garden Di Singapore – Garden by the Bay is a unique park in Singapore and the largest project in the world. The width of the forest is more than 100 hectares.

In 2005, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong had an idea to build a large park near the beach. The park was designed as a recreational area, and Singapore’s calling card. In January 2006, an international competition was announced for the best farm and bay, in which 170 companies from 25 countries took part. In September of this year, the judges announced the winners: Grant Associates of Garden Bay South and Gustafson Porter of Garden Bay East. He decided to make a central garden later.

Garden Di Singapore

The construction of the gardens began in 2007, and the grand opening of the Garden of the Bay took place four years later – in October 2011. The East Bay Garden was used to host the Youth Olympic Games in August. 2010, and it was opened. before other fields.

Singapore: Home To Some Of The World’s Most Stunning Gardens

An amount of 1035 million dollars has been allocated to ensure the construction, while the annual expenditure is more than 50 million dollars.

Today the park “Garden by the Bay” is very popular, 6-9 million people go every year. Various awards have been given to the park including “World Builder of the Year” in 2012.

The “Gardens by the Bay” park has three water gardens near the Marina: South Bay Garden, East Bay Garden, and Bay Central Garden.

The 32-hectare East Bay Garden is the second largest and has great potential for future development. Currently, the Eastern region has the most beautiful tropical gardens.

Singapore Marina One High Rise Garden

The 15-hectare Bay Central Garden is the smallest garden on the beach. The central garden with a length of three kilometers is a wonderful place to walk.

The South Bay Garden showcases the best of the latest in landscape design, and is the pride of the nation. The whole concept of this project comes from the Vanda “Miss Joaquim” orchid, Singapore’s national flower. On the 54-acre South Bay Garden, there are parks, a Supertree Grove, a children’s garden, and an art gallery.

On the beach, there are two glass factories, which are considered to be the largest in the world. A large glass roof without additional internal support is the main feature of these greenhouses.

The Flower Dome is the largest glass in the world according to Guinness World Records 2015. At the bottom, you can see plants from different regions; there are many themed gardens, mountain clefts, and gardens where various shows are held from time to time. To navigate around the Flower Dome, visitors can use the Plant Explorer app.

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The Cloud Forest has a small area but this greenhouse is slightly bigger than the Flower Dome. In the center of the glass is “Cloud Mountain”, a 42-meter building, which can be reached by elevator. To get down the hill, a detour must be used.

The highest trees are 25-50 meters high, which remind real trees in their way. It is made up of large pavilions that provide shade during the day and are enlivened by exciting lights and sounds at night. Some trees have photoreceptors that convert sunlight into electricity. Every house has plants suitable for direct planting.

The OCBC SKYWAY is 128 meters high. At 22 meters, you can see a wonderful view of the gardens of Marina Bay and the slopes of the railway.

OCBC SKYWAY is open daily from 9am to 9pm. Ticket prices: adult tickets are $8 and children’s tickets are $5.

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The Children’s Garden is a fun place for children under the age of 12. Here every little visitor of the complex will have a lot of fun:

More than 40 paintings from around the world have been installed in the Gardens and Bay, which completes the overall look of the project. Here you can see a 7-meter tall flower clock, a landing eagle made of lychee roots, a bronze cow sculpture, a giant snail, a giant snail sculpture and other works of art. The bronze statue of a child, 9 meters long and 3 meters high, deserves special attention. The weight of the sculpture (7 tons) can be balanced in the child’s right hand, creating the illusion that the sculpture is floating in the air.

The landscaping is beautiful, there are gift shops, various cafes, and restaurants in the park area.

Near the park, there is the most expensive hotel in Singapore – Marina Bay Sands, and the Esplanade Theater is 15 minutes away from the gardens.

In Pictures: Singapore’s Surreal Supertree Grove And Cloud Forest

2. Dogs are allowed in open spaces (you must clean up your pet’s belongings) 2012, the Singapore government plans to create a “City in Gardens,” a future garden that will showcase the city. – embracing the world of the future and extending it to the present environment. Gardens by the Bay covers more than 600 acres, filled with lush greenery, exotic plants, and famous waterfalls that draw visitors from all over the world. Most visitors come to see the Supertrees, Cloud Forest, and Flower Dome, but there are lesser-known attractions to explore on a trip to Gardens by the Bay.

Located on the waterfront of Marina Bay, Gardens by the Bay has three levels. The South Bay Garden is the most popular and home to the Supertrees, Flower Dome, and Cloud Forest. The South Bay Gardens map allows you to easily navigate the park.

Bay East Garden is the second largest of the three but smaller than Bay South. This area is like a real park. It offers a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city with lots of greenery and breathtaking views of the Singapore skyline, and is a great place for cycling, walking, and running.

Central Bay Gardens connected to the South and East Gardens is a two kilometer walk. The view of the city is beautiful here, and you can combine this trip with the Marina Bay Sands sports center and the city center.

Audio Guide Botanic Gardens Singapore

The closest train station to Gardens by the Bay is the Bayfront MRT, accessible via the Downtown and Circle Lines. The park is less than five minutes away from the MRT station, and its details are as follows:

The main area of ​​Gardens by the Bay, including the Supertree Grove, Heritage Gardens, Sun Tent, and pools, can be enjoyed for free. However, to enter the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, the entrance fee is $21 (SGD28) for adults and $11 (SGD15) for children aged three to 12. Tickets can be purchased in advance. Before you buy online, check with your seat to see if they offer cheap tickets. Most hotels in the city do, and you save a few dollars in your pocket to stop at the food hall later.

The main attraction at Gardens by the Bay is the Supertrees. These sci-fi trees look forward

When they emit a bright bioluminescent light. Measuring between 25 and 50 meters (82 to 164 feet) tall, they are designed to mimic the structure and function of large trees. There are 18 trees in total, with more than 158,000 plants, which have more than 700 species. In keeping with the nature theme, some trees have photovoltaic cells that harvest the sun’s energy to illuminate the Supertrees at night. The Supertrees also collect rainwater that is used to run and cool the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.

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To get a sense of the crowd, visit the Silver Garden behind the Flower Dome. This view is passive and allows you to take pictures without random people in each shot. Also worth visiting is the Living Site, located south of the Supertree Grove, with exhibits of animals such as Orangutan, Hornbill, Pangolin, and more.

Make sure you don’t miss the light show happening at Supertrees. At 7:45 and 8:45 p.m., the trees come alive with a display of beautiful colors and music. Get ready for a 15-minute thrill ride. To get a little closer to the Supertrees, instead of looking at them for free from a distance, take a ride on the OCBC Skyway. This is a 420 meter long road built to give visitors the feeling of floating on the ground. Tickets to the OCBC Skyway cost around $6 (SGD8) for adults and $4 (SGD5) for children. Tickets can be purchased at the OCBC Skyway entrance between 9:00am and 8:00pm.

The Cloud Forest is dense, humid, and hot like a dome

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